Over 100 clients worldwide, I'll name a few - Embrace Cosmetics, True Spirit Cosmetics, Laudiss Paris, AO Lifestyle, Zita Milano, Splash Alchemy, Marie Natie Cosmetics, Roxanna Mineral Cosmetics, Camp Beauty, Teri Miyahira, Derma Utopia and many more


Photoshop, Illustrator, Logo designing, Photography, Mockup, Art proofing for print

Project description

CPL (Cosmetics Private Label) was E.L.I. Trading’s secondary DBA. We offered individuals and small businesses to brand their name on mineral/natural cosmetic products.
We had all the products of MicaBeauty and more, but also in a variety of containers.
I took a lot of pictures and lots of Photoshop retouching. We used the clean white appearance where the product had reflection from the white surface it is on and shadow.

Experimented with photography from a 90 degree angle


Depth photography


Designed the catalog and proofread it for printing

Whenever a new product/container joined our collection I’d measure it and draw it in Illustrator. It had to accurate to the millimeter because on these shapes I positioned the client’s logos
A client, like Embrace Cosmetics reviewed our catalog and chose the items they wish to brand as their own. They sent us a vector format of their logo and I’d prepare the paperproof

Once confirmed, we printed their makeup brand. In some of their products they asked for a mockup, so I took the blank CPL container and simulated in Photoshop their logo on the container

And in some they requested a photo-shoot

Some of our clients didn’t have a vector format of their logo, like Clear Skin Minerals, they didn’t have a vector format logo…also their logo had tiny details and fade out shapes (which is terrible in terms of printing on a container)

I recreated the shapes and the pattern inside the shapes in Illustrator, now it’s a sharp logo and can be scaled as much as desired without loosing sharpness and quality


Fixed up a paperproof with two options for the 10g container. That was 2014, I’m glad they changed their logo since then

Derma Utopia for example had a 3 colored logo, and it was pixelated (an image). We asked them to vectorize it and they did, but not in the best quality, I recreated it and they approved

3 color printing is expensive so when I made their paperproof I suggested a slight logo modification and a change to one color only

Some of our clients didn’t have a logo at all, they gave us guidelines on how or what their logo should look and I sent them some options. Laudiss Paris asked for a noble font, something like Lancome’s logo

I really liked option #4 but they liked #5 🙂 Made a paperproof for the items they wanted to brand


and had a photo-shoot of their products


More examples – AO Lifestyle – Paperproof and they requested a mock up


Zita Milano – Vectorizing their logo and a paperproof

a funny one is Roxanna Mineral Cosmetics, Made a paerproof for her and just now I saw on her site that she took my image of the Concealer Foundation Stick and pasted on it her logo 😀

A beautiful line is Marie Natie. Paper proofed a few of her products


Splash Alchemy Have a huge paperproof with us…but I just saw their website and their pictures are not very good 🙁 That’s a shame ’cause their logo is beautiful

Other clients for whom I made paperproofs and photo-shoots (with retouching) or mock ups are Lingren Cosmetics, Avani Dead Sea Cosmetics, True Spirit Cosmetics
Other clients for whom we made paperproofs are Teri Miyahira, Camp Beauty, Love Your Style, Flawless Faces (previously called “Abby”), Qute Cosmetics and Lady Boss by Drita.