ADR - ADHD Coaching, NSF - Nirit & Sarah Frenkel Architecture and Interior Design, Rugine - Home Design Boutique


Photoshop, Illustrator, Flash, HTML & CSS, Dreamweaver, After Effects.

Project description

After my time with Imagine1 I took freelance graphic projects and also worked several months for Orgon (largest company in Israel for the production and marketing of decorative blinds and shading products.) In Orgon I helped preparing the catalog and worked with the web developers to update their website. Job was too far from my home so I didn’t stay there long.

Freelance graphic projects began with ADR, a company for ADHD coaching and counseling. I designed the logo based on the song “Bridge over troubled water” by Simon & Garfunkel. I thought a pond ripple is gently illustrating a restless mind, troubled even. And the company’s name (ADR) will be above it like a bridge. I designed the personal business cards.
roy vaknine freelance israel adr business card
And for their website I designed an animated logo, this repeating animation was in FLASH format (.swf) but I rendered it as a GIF animation so it would work on mobile devices as well.
This animation was placed under the “ADR” text on their website to simulate a reflection of their logo in a ripple.
roy vaknine freelance israel adr animation
Another freelance graphic project was to design a website for a luxury furniture boutique in Tel-Aviv called Rugine. First I had to vectorize their logo in Illustrator for all printing requirements. The original one was in a high quality photo but got pixelated when scaled up.
Then I built their website all in FLASH format, I embedded the text to the pages, created animations for the buttons and loop animations for all the galleries, added a sound file (instrumental version of Mario’s “Let me Love You”)
Since it is in FLASH format you won’t be able to view it in most mobile devices (iPhone for example). But if you’re on a desktop (and have FLASH installed in your web browser) please follow this LINK.
The home screen has a choice of language and I made that background image from a great front picture of the store, the frame image in the about page, the contact page image…and flipped it all horizontally in the Hebrew version (Hebrew text orientation is right to left). 🙂
roy vaknine freelance israel rugine logo
Then I worked on a project for NSF, a team of very talented architects and interior designers. I did the stationery design (Business cards, fax paper, envelopes and note pads)
roy vaknine freelance israel nsf stationery
I designed their website with HTML and CSS and with minor use of Dreamweaver (for the SPRY behavior effects). You can view the site in this LINK.
Check out the house they designed in Residence category Residence #3 @ 2010. Amazing! 🙂