Mainly medical equipment companies (Bioness for example), Bezeq (Israel's largest telecommunications group), Aladdin (a security services for digital assets company)


Photoshop, Microsoft Expression Blend, Microsoft Visio

Project description

During my time in Imagine1 we mostly designed interface for screens on medical equipment, like EKG monitors, blood pressure monitors, treadmill monitors, etc.
roy vaknine - bioness logo
Bioness was one of those medical equipment companies which came to us with a project to design the interface in one of their machines…I’m pretty sure the device was called Ness and I found these 2 files from building their interface: a screen of a timer and a screen of power levels…as you can see their screens are very small.
roy vaknine bioness screens
Another project was for the company Aladdin, a security service company for digital assets, like USB keys to secure files and systems.
roy vaknine aladdin logo
The project for them was to design the interface of the installation procedure once the USB key was launched.
roy vaknine aladdin safeword install
My final project in Imagine1 was for Bezeq, Israel’s largest telecommunications group.
roy vaknine bezeq logo
We got a contract to develop and design their online interface for a new system which allowed the users of any land line view recent calls
roy vaknine bezeq calls log
Check voice mail and faxes
roy vaknine bezeq voice box
and of course to configure the settings to their needs
roy vaknine bezeq settings
We designed the icons, the buttons in their different mods and the general look and layout.

But then came the market crash of 2008-9 and the company had to let me go. Here’s a scan of the letter I got from my boss, Mr. Gluck:
roy vaknine imagine1 recommendation
I’ll translate this letter:
“May 27 2009
To whom it may concern
Issue – Roy Vaknine
Roy worked at Imagine1 from April 2008 until June 2009. We had to relieve Roy due to the financial condition and the halt of orders in the market.
Roy was a very good graphic designer in the interface platform of our company, he is professional, diligent, quiet and a marvelous team member.
If we could we would be happy to keep him in his position and I’m sure that all who hires him in the future will enjoy his work and his kind personality.
Best regards.
Eitan Gluck