Video editing has always been my hobby. Even before computers, I used to connect 2 VCRs and edit home videos for birthdays, graduations and in memoriam. My "clientele" in the field of cinematography were the extended family, filming my cousin's Bar Mitzvah party; My sisters, filming and editing videos they made for their boyfriends for their birthdays. But my first paid gig was a video I filmed and edited for the building I worked for as a manager.


Adobe After Effects, Adobe Premiere

Project description

I filmed and edited this video and I might add that this was my suggestion as well. During the Plandemic there were a few vacancies in our building and the potential tenants were calling from different states with interest of moving in. So I made a quick video per unit to showcase the features of the building and of the apartment.

When my dad turned 70, we threw a big party for him and I made a video montage of pictures from every decade of his life…so it’s a long video 😉

When my dear grandma past away I was still living in LA so I couldn’t attend her funeral but I had to do something so on that same day, with teary eyes I made a short clip expressing how much I love her and how much I’ll miss her.

And now I’m taking the video editing course of Noam Tryber “Screen Breaker” (“Shover Masah”)